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A Short History of Election Fraud — MadCow



It’s not like I’m not sympathetic to the notion that elections can be stolen. It’s just that the people talking about it are such fucking parvenus.

All week on FOX Sean Hannity said he just wanted to see an honest election where every vote gets counted. Sounds reasonable.

Except, Sean, respectfully: why start now?

Election fraud is like herpes. It’s been around a long time.

Allegations of election fraud have been around forever. Election rigging is an open secret: Everybody knows about it. Donald Trump has been holding it as a trump card since last Spring.  Even you know about it,  Sean. I mean, you’ve been around, right? This isn’t your first rodeo.

Election companies like Dominion Voting Systems have been steeped in graft, scandal and corruption since Dwight David Eisenhower was in knee pants.

Most people like to think their sacred vote is being cast and tabulated under the watchful eye of guys in white lab coats with pocket protectors.

Some of us—maybe you and me, Sean— understand it’s not really like that.  We can face things straight up.

I mean, you’re not—perish the thought—like Chuck fucking Todd, are you? At least you don’t have those ridiculous hair plugs that look like they trying to wriggle their way off his scalp.

NBC Political Director Todd made it perfectly clear in 2016 that he doesn’t give a rat’s ass who owns the companies that counted the  votes, as long as they were mostly for Hillary. But that’s another story.

So, Sean, let me help you redeem the American mainstream media. Because I could use a little revenge. So I’m going to give you the shot. What you do with it is totally on you. Who knows? Something may come of it.

Because when it comes to election fraud, I have the same goal Gary Webb did about CIA drug trafficking. He told me that he just wanted to able to say that he’d helped to drag the dead body out from underneath the bed just a few more inches.

Take my word for it. You need the help! Because Rudy Guiliani has already lost sight of the reservation he wasn’t really on to begin with.

OMG Rudy! Who told you about SMARTMATIC?

Did somebody call “Bring Out Your Dead?”

Giuliani just tweeted, “Look up SMARTMATIC and tweet me what you think? It will all come out.”

And then when I turned on FOX there was some batshit crazy woman lawyer—you know the one I’m talking about, Sean? And she was dishing about the long-range plans by Hugo Chavez and Dominion Voting Systems to subvert democracy in America!

Sean, I hate to tell you, but…Hugo Chavez is already dead. Still dead, just like Franco.

So even if he was a Communist, there’s no need to go kill him again.

Besides, when I tell you the real story of SMARTMATIC, which is vastly more entertaining than anything you’ll hear from Rudy, you won’t go down that ridiculous dry hole.

No vote fraud? Be of good cheer! There’s election fraud.

But first things first: There’s no such thing as voter fraud. Maybe a handful of amateurs. Because the retail worth of voter fraud, with 150 million people casting ballots is NADA.  But don’t be discouraged. Because there is plenty of election fraud. Wholesale fraud is  pretty lucrative.

The quick skinny on Dominion

I know a thing or two about the company you’re interested in, Sean: Dominion Voting Systems.

Two days before the  Democratic primary in California in 2016, I wrote, “If the 2016 Democratic primary in California is rigged, it’s ‘‘the boys’ from one company—Sequoia Pacific nee Dominion Voting Systems–who’ll be charged with making it happen.”

The headline was “CALIFORNIA SIGALERT!”

“Be on lookout for late-model black SUV with illegally-tinted windows, and a million votes tied up in the trunk.”

So here’s the quick skinny: Founded in 2003 in Toronto, Dominion Voting Systems is privately owned. Meaning… it’s basically none of your business.

If pressed, Dominion will grudgingly tell you the company is managed by its management team (natch!), and owned by a New York-based private equity firm called Staple Street Capital Management.

In addition to Dominion, State Street own Six Flags, a self-storage company, an after-market electronic equipment company, and an essential oils manufacturer.

But there’s no need to worry about Staple Street Capital. Dominion is just “parked” there, in their blandly safe and anonymous hands.

I hope you weren’t expecting to discover Dominion’s true owner was really a company called Lucifer Holdings LLC. The last time an election company got caught with its hand in that particular “inconvenient owner” cookie jar was in 2004.

The presidential election that year was decided in Ohio, whose votes were counted by Diebold Industries, which just happened to be owned at the time by some ever-so-slightly-too-enthusiastic supporters of President George W. Bush.

It left a bad taste. So, what happened? Well, it’s curious. Maybe just a coincidence? Or maybe it’s just one of those things.

Because a few years later, a previously unknown private company in Toronto—Dominion Voting Systems, that’s your company, right, Sean?—stepped in and bought Sequoia Voting Systems. Incidentally, the company claims to be the oldest American election company, founded in 1898 in Jamestown, New York.

But because this is a “short history” of election fraud, I’ll try not to dwell on the company’s completely sordid past.

But it fills volumes.

But wait! There’s more!

Shortly after the Diebold acquisition, Dominion Voting Systems bought the assets of America’s third largest election company, Diebold in Ohio. George W Bush’s big backers back in 2004.

Wow. Dominion Voting Systems now owned the two dirtiest election companies in America. They’d stepped in the shit big-time. It’s almost like they did it on purpose.

Do you know what that means, Sean?

It means that America’s biggest election company, E S & S, Election Service & Software, of Omaha Nebraska—which has temporarily been keeping its nose clean—is perfectly positioned to step in and play the white knight.

And believe me:  E S & S is anything but a white knight.

E S & S is about to pick up Dominion’s biggest customers and juiciest contracts. Then the government—meaning, usually, the individual secretaries of state—will be able to say, “Boy we sure blew that election! But did I clean house?  Gimme four more years!”

See, what election services companies do—besides every so often fitfully count votes—is distribute the graft. Executives and managers from the largest American election service companies have been convicted of bribery and suborning public officials in more than a dozen states. There’s not an election company out there that hasn’t been convicted of enough felonies to make the most hardened criminal blush.

But, convicted felons, take heart! While a felony conviction may be enough to disqualify you from voting in places like Florida…Even multiple felony convictions in no way disqualifies you from counting the votes.

Is this a great country, or what!

A word is born

If it turns out there’s some kind of “cover-up” of the true ownership of Dominion Voting Systems, it would be pretty ironic.

That’s because the very word “cover-up” was first coined in a conversation involving a previous owner of Sequoia Pacific/Dominion Voting. His name was Louis Wolfson, and he was a convicted felon.

According to now-deceased New York Times wordsmith William Safire, the word “cover-up” was first used in a conversation between Wolfson and a man he’d been bribing, which, remember, is a key function of election companies, along with, you know, counting votes.

Felon Louis Wolfson didn’t coin the term. Instead, it was the man he’d been bribing who invented it, presumably at the instant of need, as he was getting pretty desperate.

His name was Abe Fortas, and he was a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

But not for long. Fortas became the first Supreme Court Justice ever removed from the Court, convicted of taking bribes, because the man he was talking with, Wolfson, was wearing a wire.

At the time, Wolfson was— in criminal parlance— trying to ‘work off a beef.’

And this is where I came in

Thirty years later, Louis Wolfson’s company, now called Sequoia Pacific, was responsible for the Great Florida Vote Snafu. Remember hanging chad? These are those guys.

If FOX viewers today… knew that the election company counting a lot of their votes—Dominion Voting Systems—caused the Florida Vote Snafu in 2000, would viewers have less confidence in American elections?

Maybe. But remember that Sequoia Pacific/Dominion Voting Systems hanging chad put Republican George W. Bush in the White House. Waiting till your boy has lost before complaining about it smacks of rank hypocrisy.

The Big Fix 2000: Watch it on Amazon Prime

Twenty years ago I did a documentary called “The Big Fix 2000” on a subject that had never been covered before. Instead of profiling ways election machines can be hacked—there were already plenty of  documentaries about that—I decided to investigate the ownership of the two companies that—then and now—dominate the American election industry.

I traveled to Ireland to find the man whose election company made George W Bush America’s president.

His name was Dr. Michael Smurfit, Ireland’s richest multimillionaire. He got his start as a bagman for David Rockefeller, an Irish private detective told me. And he hung out at racetracks in Switzerland with Zurich currency speculators.

Election companies are owned by New Jersey Mobsters, by international gamblers, Zurich currency manipulators, Bahamian resort owners, and supra-national financiers.

Their companies have untraceable shareholders, and numbered bank accounts in Switzerland and the Channel Islands. Their corporate documents are often signed by fictitious nominees. And they are routinely involved in systemic bribery of public officials, like the Prime Minister of Ireland.

You’ve probably figured out that this is a ‘problem” that won’t get fixed anytime soon. And you’d be right.

Hey Rudy: “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing” 

Finally, that company Rudy Guiliani is going on about? SMARTMATIC?

Back in 2006, the U.S. government began an investigation of SMARTMATIC— which had been linked to the leftist government of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez—because they’d just bought Sequoia Pacific, a company which moves around a lot.

An American Congresswoman called into question the national security implications involved in the sale of an American election services company to a Venezuelan software firm, SMARTMATIC.

Of course, it wasn’t really Venezuelan. Not exactly, anyway…

OMG..NYT Confirms my diary on possible Pennsylvania electoral vote(Opens in a new browser tab)

SMARTMATIC was actually owned by a trust in Amsterdam. Not exactly, though…

Because the trust in Amsterdam was itself owned…by a company in the Netherlands Antilles, but not exactly…

Because the company in the Netherland Antilles was owned by a private foundation in Geneva, Switzerland.

In America’s hugely compromised election industry, this is  business as usual. Yet somehow this fact completely escapes scrutiny every four the mainstream media, except for that brief brouhaha because of the dread specter of Venezuelan leftist Hugo Chavez.

But here’s the beauty part, Sean…  And forgive me for waiting till the end to tell you: It was a Democrat who first blew the whistle on SMARTMATIC.

“The government should know who owns our voting machines,” harrumphed Carolyn B. Maloney, Democrat of New York, as she asked the Bush administration to review SMARTMATIC’S takeover of Sequoia Voting Systems, “an industry leader which counts one of every three American votes.”

“There seems to have been an obvious effort to obscure the ownership of the company,” Rep. Maloney said.

Good for her. An investigation into corruption in the election services industry is so long overdue that, in gratitude, Sean, FOX should set aside a pair of tickets to the World Series every year to Hugo Chavez’ next of kin.

Because even communists like baseball.  And phony outrage is fake news.



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