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At House E-newsletter: All of the Google Docs which can be match to print.

at house e-newsletter: all of the google docs which can be match to print. - at house e-newsletter: all of the google docs which can be match to print. -

Welcome to At House. Right here’s an instance of an e mail I used to get roughly 4 instances per week earlier than the pandemic, when my most important job was working meals and restaurant protection for The Occasions and other people went to eating places on a regular basis as if that was completely regular conduct, which it was.


Hey, Sam: I’m in [SOME PLACE LIKE LOS ANGELES OR SEOUL, KANSAS CITY, LONDON, SEATTLE, OFTEN BROOKLYN]. The place ought to I’m going to dinner tonight?

You’d suppose I might need discovered these types of requests annoying. In no way. It’s a privilege to have the ability to inform folks the place to eat, and I loved doing so, loved being proper about it, loved the follow-up notes saying thanks, those asking in regards to the subsequent evening, or the subsequent metropolis.

I’ve written where-should-I emails myself. As soon as I used to be in Dayton, Ohio, and despatched one off to Jonathan Martin, the nationwide political reporter for The Occasions. He travels incessantly and eats very properly alongside the best way. The response got here six minutes later. “Pine Club is safe move,” he wrote. I was eating a fine rib-eye and some excellent onion rings within the hour.

Journalists do this sort of sharing of information all the time, telling each other or asking each other about the right shops to visit in Tokyo; the right museums to see in Moscow; the best way to handle Disney World; the proper place to get doubles in Port of Spain. The requests for information come often enough that some make lists, and keep them current, so they don’t need to rustle around in a panic when the executive editor comes knocking, asking where to eat in Sydney, or what art galleries to visit in Berlin.

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And here’s the thing. It turns out journalists do this even when they’re not traveling, when they’re stuck at home during a pandemic. And from them, you learn the most interesting things: books to read; things to order; movies to watch; music to listen to; activities to try. We’ve selected a whole bunch of these recommendations, raw and illuminating, and we’re calling them “Notes From Our Homes to Yours.” They’re intimate, wise, idiosyncratic, funny and occasionally strange. In them, you’ll find many suggestions for new ways to live and enjoy yourself while we’re going through this terrible time.

I hope you’ll explore these lists, and enjoy them, and perhaps start keeping and sharing similar documents yourself, to remind yourself of what brings joy.

More examples of how to live a good and cultured life at home are below. We publish more every day on At Home.

You can always find much more to read, watch and do every day on At Home. And you can email us:

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