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Affected person Recordsdata – Creepypasta

This week, I used to be purported to digitize all of Dr. Marnen’s affected person recordsdata. I used to be feeling good about my progress once I noticed it. A second submitting cupboard, hiding behind the cabinets, that I’d by no…

Paris Hilton’s Documentary Reveals

Paris Hilton's Documentary Reveals That She Was Subjected to MKULTRA-Style Abuse If one recalls the early 2000s, you might remember douchebags wearing Ed Hardy trucker hats and everyone being obsessed with Paris Hilton.

I Should Have Gone Mad Throughout Quarantine

Estimated studying time — 11 minutes … I surrender. … That is my eighth day in quarantine. Extra like solitary confinement, as a result of I've misplaced monitor of time and I reside alone in a bachelor house. I'm caught…

The Silver Earring – Creepypasta

Eric awoke with the daybreak as he all the time did. The solar rose over the lake his home was on the shore of, it by no means didn't wake him up because the beams of sunshine burned away the mist and warmed his bed room. At present was…

Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/20

The pandemic created a really managed cultural surroundings. Certainly, solely a choose few pop stars get the highlight whereas different celebrities seem like disintegrating whereas “sheltered at residence”. And people who…

Do not Play the Psychic Knock Recreation

12 Jun Don’t Play the Psychic Knock Recreation Share this creepypasta on social media! ? Revealed on June 12, 2020 Written by Estimated studying time — 8 minutes For those who’re…

Jeff the Killer – Creepypasta

12 Aug Jeff the Killer Share this creepypasta on social media! ? Revealed on August 12, 2012 Written by Sesseur Estimated studying time — 15 minutes Excerpt from an area newspaper:OMINOUS UNKNOWN KILLER…

Graybark Drive – Creepypasta

19 Oct Graybark Drive Share this creepypasta on social media! ? Printed on October 19, 2017 Written by Adam Bolander Estimated studying time — 23 minutes All of it started the evening the person within…

Was Ulysses S. Grant a Good President?

For many years after his demise in 1885, Ulysses S. Grant suffered a repute as one of many nation’s worst presidents, constantly rating within the backside 10 in polls of historians. However in more moderen years, historians have taken one

The MOMO Problem – Creepypasta

14 Apr The MOMO Problem Share this creepypasta on social media! ? Revealed on April 14, 2020 Written by Estimated studying time — 8 minutes 01. There was nonetheless a chill within the air, the morning…

Our Altering View of Earth from House: Images

The Apollo program transfixed the US and the world within the 1960s for its heroic effort to meet the promise of President John F. Kennedy to go to the moon. However its loveliest legacy could have been, not visiting the barren world that's

Lab Rat – Creepypasta

11 Sep Lab Rat Posted at 12:08h in Unusual and Unexplained Share this creepypasta on social media! ? Revealed on September 11, 2017 Written by Estimated studying time — 3 minutes Clang. My eyes snap open. Was I…

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