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Elise by garethemery | Gareth Emery


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Elise. The closing observe of my new album.

It’s named after my youngest daughter (Sansa is my oldest fyi) and the rationale it’s taken me almost three years is easy as a result of I used to be ready for a observe lovely sufficient.

I believe the tracks I’ve ended albums with have been fairly respectable. And Elise continues in that custom.

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so wonderful vocal … COVID_19

@abdullah-al-oud certainly pure gold however platinum ?

? ??yess that is it ?v?i?b?e? ?

most crisp

Wonderful ???

Remark by Tina


your music is love





Thanks ???

thx gareth..

Nice observe!

wowowow cannot get sufficient of it , a lot love

OMG this payoff is big. Wonderful observe Gareth WELL DONE!

Pray for the world ???

Thanks for importing this lovely

Nice vocals/lyrics uplifting trance dance Observe!?❤️???✨

Thanks for the uplifting tune in occasions like these. Keep secure and take care!

what an influence observe!!!

Once more a grasp piece mr Emery. ?

Thanks Gareth. As at all times, a beautiful masterpiece. Can not wait to listen to you play this dwell.

masterpiece ?


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