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Ezekiel’s Forklifts – The Day by day Grail


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Mark Twain’s outdated adage, “To a person with a hammer, all the pieces appears like a nail” couldn’t be more true as soon as you are taking a deep plunge into the murky waters of UFOlogy.

Take as an example this video, recently shared by a Twitter account I follow, which exhibits the numerous advantages of an industrial forklift developed by the American firm Airtrax, geared up with “omni-directional expertise”:

Josef Blumrich

Maybe this video is just not that fascinating to most individuals –until they occur to work in a warehouse– however to me, the bizarre ‘tires’ of the forklift instantly transported me to my early childhood, after I obtained a ebook about ‘Historical Astronauts’ edited by Jacques Bergier and Georges H. Gallet as a birthday current. It was within the pages of that ebook that I first discovered about Josef F. Blumrich (1913-2002), the Austrian-born aeronautical engineer who labored for NASA after he emigrated to america, and took part within the growth of the Saturn V rockets and the Skylab launch, however who’s these days extra remembered for his ebook 1974 The Spaceships of Ezekiel, during which he gave his private interpretation of the biblical prophet’s ‘divine visions’. Initially, Blumrich had supposed to debunk Erich von Däniken’s claims, however in the long run he grew to become considered one of his biggest supporters.

Josef Blumrich's design
Blumrich’s idea of what Ezekiel noticed

As I watched, an awesome stormwind got here from the North,* a big cloud with flashing fireplace, a shiny glow throughout it, and one thing like polished metallic gleamed on the middle of the hearth.

From inside it figures within the likeness of 4 dwelling creatures appeared. That is what they regarded like:

They have been in human kind, however every had 4 faces and 4 wings,

and their legs have been straight, the soles of their toes just like the hooves of a bull, gleaming like polished brass.

This passage, which for numerous non secular students was the outline of 4 cherubim guarding the Throne of God,  was now re-interpreted by the NASA engineer as a toy-top formed machine able to atmospheric flight because of 4 helicopter rotors beneath it (the ‘wings’ of the cherubim). The ‘wheels’ which accompanied the 4 ‘dwelling creatures’ took particular significance to Blumrich, resulting from their superb ‘performance’ and the truth that they might transfer in any route: He conceived a particular tire composed of six unbiased elements, which might be able to four totally different instructions of motion with out the necessity to rotate on its axis; he thought such a wheel would enormously improve the mobility of wheelchairs, and he was even granted a US patent for it.

Blumrich's US patent
Diagram from Blumrich’s US patent (observe the similarity with Airtrax’s forklift)

Does Blumrich’s technical experience and the viability of his designs imply he was proper about what Ezekiel could or could not have seen 2500 years in the past?

In fact not.

The Ebook of Ezekiel –like many issues within the Historical Aliens subject– is one large, messy Rorschach’s take a look at. Some folks will see it as a non secular allegory, others as a mystic imaginative and prescient (even perhaps chemically induced!). To a mechanically-oriented particular person like Blumrich, the traditional references to “straight legs with bull hooves gleaming like polished brass” reminding him of the touchdown buildings he himself had been growing for NASA. For my part, his Biblical aerial machine and his modern multi-directional wheels are a case of inspiration arriving from taking a look at a given drawback from a brand new perspective, which frees the thoughts from falling within the typical blocks and permits you to suggest more energizing options.

One other instance of this will also be present in that outdated Historical Astronauts anthology by Bergier and Gallet, which included Friedrich Egger’s description of a rotating piston engine developed and patented by physician Klaus Keplinger in 1973. Keplinger arrived at his Eureka second when taking a look at photos from an historic Mayan codex depicting an anthropomorphic determine close to a stela-like object, and the easy “X” kind glyph inside the article regarded to him like a mechanical motor, whereas to his buddy Egger it regarded like an ‘envelope’. They are saying genius is the power to go from A to D with out going by B and C; maybe genius can also be the power to see an engine the place everybody else sees an X.

Keplinger's Mayan inspiration
From this…
Keplinger's patent
Keplinger's engine (3d model)
3d mannequin of Keplinger’s engine.

If I have been a school trainer at some Engineering faculty, I’d suggest an ‘Historical Aliens course’ during which college students can be tasked to give you design options immediately impressed by historic hieroglyphics and outdated myths, as a right-brain train that will assist them discover ways to strategy initiatives in several methods. I’d additionally encourage aeronautical engineers to check out the UFO phenomenon not with the intention to debunk or vindicate it, however to see if a number of the stories may encourage them to conceive new concepts –the identical method professor Leik Myrabo is claimed to have obtained nice inspiration for his laser propulsion ideas, after wanting on the images and movies stored by the controversial UFO investigator Ray Stanford.

Alas, each the web sites of  Airtrax  (which went out of enterprise in 2008) and Automobile Applied sciences Inc. (based by Airtrax’s former workers, which acquired the rights of the omni-directional wheels) have zero mentions of Blumrich, so it’s unattainable to know for sure if these firms have been immediately impressed by the Austrian-American engineer, or that if their expertise is a more recent model of his US patent. If that was certainly the case, we may make the argument that not less than on one event the Historical Aliens principle managed to uplift mankind for a change–or relatively, forklift it.

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