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Following Comet SWAN – The New York Occasions


A New Comet

A lately found comet made its closest cross to the Earth on Tuesday, at a distance of 52 million miles — slightly greater than half the gap from Earth to the Solar.

The comet, referred to as Comet SWAN however formally named C/2020 F8 (SWAN), is now seen to the bare eye within the Southern hemisphere.

Comet SWAN on Might 2.Damian Peach

An animation of Comet SWAN on April 29.Gerald Rhemann

Comet SWAN’s faint tail on April 17.Gerald Rhemann

Discovering Comet SWAN

The comet was found in early April by Michael Mattiazzo, an novice comet hunter who seen a faint smudge on pictures from the Photo voltaic Wind Anisotropies (SWAN) instrument on the SOHO spacecraft.

An early picture of the comet by Mr. Mattiazzo confirmed a greenish halo with a faint tail.

Comet SWAN on April 10.Michael Mattiazzo

The comet brightened over time and now seems as a white ball shifting diagonally throughout the SWAN pictures.

An animation of SWAN pictures from late April and early Might.NASA and ESA

The SOHO spacecraft was launched in 1995 to check the solar and the photo voltaic wind, however its pictures of the sky have led to greater than 3,000 comet discoveries.

An artist’s impression of the SOHO spacecraft.NASA’s Goddard Area Flight Middle

Different Latest Comets

Final month the Hubble Area Telescope celebrated its 30th birthday and captured pictures of comet ATLAS breaking into fragments.

Fragments of comet ATLAS on April 20.NASA, ESA, D. Jewitt (UCLA), Quanzhi Ye (Univ. of Maryland)

And in March a fraction broke off of the interstellar comet 2I/Borisov, which swung previous the solar in December.

Comet Borisov in entrance of a distant spiral galaxy on Nov. 16.NASA, ESA, D. Jewitt

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