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Groundhog Disclosure: Pentagon Confirms Authenticity of UFO Movies… Once more

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Bear in mind The Simpsons’ “Lisa vs Malibu Stacy” episode from season 5, when Lisa is attempting to persuade a mob of women attempting to get their little palms on the ‘new’ Malibu Stacy mannequin, that it’s simply the identical outdated doll with a silly, low-cost hat?

–“She nonetheless embodies all of the terrible stereotypes she did earlier than!” yells Lisa.

–“However she’s received a new hat!” says Smithers within the again. 

…And that was that.

I really feel that is an satisfactory metaphor for what has simply occurred in UFOland, after the US Division of Protection introduced the ‘official launch’ of the three UFO Navy movies (FLIR1, Gimbal and GoFast) which made a splash in world consciousness since 2017, ever since that fateful article revealed by the New York Occasions revealed the existence of the AATIP/AAWSAP program:

The Division of Protection has licensed the discharge of three unclassified Navy movies, one taken in November 2004 and the opposite two in January 2015, which have been circulating within the public area after unauthorized releases in 2007 and 2017.  The U.S. Navy beforehand acknowledged that these movies circulating within the public area have been certainly Navy movies.   After an intensive evaluation, the division has decided that the licensed launch of those unclassified movies doesn’t reveal any delicate capabilities or techniques, and doesn’t impinge on any subsequent investigations of army air house incursions by unidentified aerial phenomena. DOD is releasing the movies with the intention to clear up any misconceptions by the general public on whether or not or not the footage that has been circulating was actual, or whether or not or not there’s extra to the movies. The aerial phenomena noticed within the movies stay characterised as “unidentified.”

It’s as if the entire Web was a short-term reminiscence canine or one thing. All the sudden we’re again to the “ZOMG the government just told us UFOs are real and nobody cares!” memes we’ve been enduring for. Over. Two. Effing. Years! By no means thoughts it’s the identical outdated low-quality, grainy, quick clips all people and their grandmother have watched over, and over, and over, and OVER once more, in each information channel or not too long ago made UFO documentary –despite the fact that there are persistent rumors of different movies with higher decision. By no means thoughts the Pentagon will not be giving us any new info regarding the encounters between Navy pilots and unidentified objects which occurred virtually 16 years in the past, or whether or not there have been any new sightings reported by army personnel extra not too long ago. “The hashtag AliensExist is trending, bro! What extra would you like?” boast the members of UFO Twitter, giving a cross to the click-baity hyperbole employed by some websites who ought to know higher, as a result of they’re glad to see UFOs dominating the information cycle as soon as once more –as if THAT was so tough to perform, now that celeb Zoom reunions, Tik Tok challenges and sourdough bread recipes is all we care to speak about to distract us from the continuing risk of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

And make no mistake: the Pentagon’s ‘new’ UFO movies provided on their web site are precisely the identical three movies we’d already seen. We may be certain of that due to the investigative work of Dave Beaty, who analyzed the video codes and located a 2007 Google copyright –which means the Pentagon merely downloaded the information from Youtube, as a substitute of retrieving them from their very own servers! Is it as a result of no one bothered to save lots of a replica again after they have been initially recorded?

Credit score: Dave Beaty

“The hat is new, Lisa! So shut the hell up and purchase the doll already, like the great little client you’re…”


One other factor neglected by UFO buffs is within the wording employed by the Pentagon of their all-too-brief assertion: qualifying the publishing of the movies by the New York Occasions –on the behest of Tom DeLonge’s To the Stars– as an “unauthorised launch.” Which might suggest that each time TTSA referred to the movies as “formally launched” by the federal government they have been… um… mendacity? (That hasn’t stopped Tom from bragging in regards to the current information, as if it was all his doing). 

As soon as once more the futile dispute between whether or not TTSA and Elizondo have been formally sanctioned to launch the movies to the general public earlier than he stop the DoD will erupt within the Twitter trenches. “The Pentagon is simply enjoying catch-up, they don’t know what’s actually happening!” they are saying. So why ought to we care a lot each time they contact the topic of UFOs, then? And everytime the statements made by Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough contradicts Elizondo’s claims, they assault her credibility. So ultimately it involves the difficulty of which insider you wish to consider in, primarily based on which one tells you precisely what YOU wish to hear.

Is that this it?? Is that this all of the “Disclosure” we are able to hope for within the post-AATIP period –simply infinite regurgitations of the identical outdated information and the identical outdated circumstances, adopted by a short burst of pleasure till individuals get again to enjoying Animal Crossing? As a result of if that’s the case, any individual hand me the Clorox bottle so I can escape Punxsutawney as soon as and for all! 

Not “I’ve Acquired You, Babe” once more…

In the meantime Senator Harry Reid retains teasing us that this new transfer by the Pentagon “solely scratches the floor of analysis and supplies” obtainable: 

‘Supplies’? Oh my! Does that suggest precise bodily samples, like those BAASS researchers have been so determined to inquire about of their exchanges with South American UFOlogists? Nicely, on the tempo they’re going, I suppose we would possibly discover all about it in 10 or 15 years *if* we’re fortunate, received’t we?

“It’s a brand new haaaaat, Lisaaaaa…”

The one good query price asking in the intervening time is, why now? What does the Pentagon achieve from handing us a stick and telling us to maintain beating this outdated horse carcass like an indestructible piñata? Cui bono?

“They might be prepping us for a big demonstration” clamors Jaime Maussan, glad to hop into the hype whereas it lasts.

“It’s a classic example of “a good day to bury a bad news”” speculates Nick Pope, which means the DoD might need thought the world could be too preoccupied with the coronavirus, to care an excessive amount of about issues flying above the extent of spit particles. An argument that makes a bit extra sense than Maussan’s sensationalism, however not that a lot –couldn’t they merely keep quiet and wait till the general public forgot all about it, like they at all times do?

Ultimately, we’ll in all probability by no means elucidate the actual purpose behind this new Chess play, which appears not to be over given the trace that Gough is on the point of make a new statement about AATIP coming later this week; not that it issues a lot outdoors the tiny eco-chamber of the Fortean blogosphere, by which fanatics are all-too glad to see their beloved UFOs being mentioned by the ‘normies’ even when we’re probably not studying something new about it. The hat is new and that’s all that issues.

Now, should you’ll excuse me, I’ve a tea get together to organize with my Lisa “Liminal” Lionheart. Ta ta…

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