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Half the World Is On Lockdown. For Sports activities? Extra Like 99 %.


Because the host of the 2020, we imply the 2021, Summer season Video games, Japan has drawn an outsize share of consideration throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Whereas it did shut down some occasions as early as February, and closed colleges in March, it was slower to undertake another mitigation efforts like working from dwelling and social distancing, partly as a result of its an infection charges appeared low.

However after the Olympics have been postponed a 12 months by the Worldwide Olympic Committee, Japan appeared to start to meet up with many different nations. However in sports activities, it’s nonetheless generally taking half-measures.

The latest elite sumo event, or basho, was held as scheduled March 10-22 in Osaka, though with out spectators and with out the standard providing of a ladle of water from a profitable wrestler to the subsequent one up. (The winner of the basho was Hakuho, who collected his report 44th win.)

On Friday, the Might and July tournaments have been postponed, however solely by two weeks. That delay, no less than within the case of the Might basho, appears unlikely to push the occasion right into a secure interval.

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Sumo is Japan’s nationwide sport, and the elite tournaments have been held six instances a 12 months uninterrupted since 1958. At the least one basho has been held yearly since 1909, together with throughout World Warfare II and the Allied occupation.

President Trump attended the Might event final 12 months and presented a trophy inside the ring, where women are not permitted.

Perhaps optimistically, Japan’s top baseball league had been planning to return on April 24 and the top soccer league on May 9. On Friday, both said they would postpone even further, probably until at least the end of May.

Thomas De Gendt was just trying to play on Zwift, the game in which players on stationary bicycles can roll around or race in virtual worlds.

Then he was suddenly reduced to a lower speed. The reason? He was going so fast that the game suspected that his device was faulty, or perhaps that he was cheating.

More Belarusian action in volleyball, handball and futsal (indoor soccer). Russian table tennis and “short hockey,” a game with 10-minute periods. Basketball from Taiwan and Tajikistan.

And a decent range of e-sports, which of course are especially well-suited to social distancing.

And that’s everything. Half the world is on lockdown, but for sports, it’s more like 99 percent.

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