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How the Collection “Utopia” Eerily Predicted 2020


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Warning: Huge spoilers forward

Watching Utopia within the midst of a pandemic is a surreal expertise. That’s as a result of the collection was filmed in 2019, earlier than the emergence of COVID-19. Regardless of this truth, Utopia is mind-bogglingly well timed (or premature in accordance with some) in 2020 as its story revolves round a pandemic, a rush for a vaccine, and an enormous conspiracy by a giant pharma firm.

The nefarious plans of the villains are nonetheless thwarted by a ragtag group of nerds who found that an underground graphic novel has been predicting the emergence of a number of viruses by way of enigmatic symbols. What’s mind-boggling about this story is that the collection itself seems to have predicted the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, Utopia depicts a system of mind-controlled slaves finishing up murders and false flag occasions to advance the villain’s agenda, mixed with an entire lot of mass media manipulation and cover-ups.

The collection is so near our actuality in 2020 that one can’t assist however suppose: Is Utopia some type of warning?

The collection is so eerily near 2020 actuality that every episode is preceded with a discover.

Amazon’s Utopia is predicated on a 2013 UK collection of the identical identify. Nevertheless, its new iteration was “up to date” with a heavy dose of occult elite insanity.

Nevertheless, most mass media critics didn’t admire the plot of this collection the place “conspiracy theorists” are the heroes. Some even known as the collection “irresponsible”. Listed below are some Utopia evaluations headlines:

A relatively unapproving evaluate from Polygon.

One other indignant evaluate from Slate.

Time journal doesn’t need you to look at the collection both.

What’s the fuss all about? Right here’s a take a look at the collection.

A scientist pressured to create a lethal virus … whereas doing the one-eye signal. Pure occult elite insanity.

The collection revolves round enigmatic graphic novels titled Dystopia and Utopia which include extremely symbolic pictures describing weaponized viruses and an enormous MKULTRA system surrounding it. Whereas some consider it’s all fiction, “conspiracy theorists” (I don’t like that expression) consider that the books are literally predicting real-world occasions. One protagonist says:

“Dystopia appeared in 2014 and, in the event you’re good, in the event you’re actually actually good, you’ll be able to research it and decipher all the true life epidemics it predicted.”

He provides:

“Why can we hold feeling like its the top of the f*cking world? As a result of somebody is ending the f*cking world!”

After analyzing the books, one protagonist says:

“Somebody is taking ailments, weaponizing them and loosing them upon us!”.

That appears like one thing the occult elite would do. Appropriately sufficient, the symbolism discovered within the Dystopia is replete with occult elite symbolism.

On the quilt of Utopia is a white rabbit holds a doll (representing an MK slave named Jessica Hyde – the principle protagonist of the collection) with one eye coated. The one-eye signal confirms that that is all occult elite insanity.

Within the collection, Mr. Rabbit is the monicker used to explain the principle villain (who seems to be the CEO of a giant pharma firm). He forces a scientist (who’s the daddy of Jessica Hyde) to create viruses to attain his final aim: Huge depopulation of the planet.

A web page in Dystopia implies that the Zika virus was made in a laboratory and weaponized. The glasses of the scientist = One-eye signal.

One of many nerds deciphering Utopia is known as Wilson Wilson. His father is a stereotypical conspiracy theorist and the topic of his analysis is relatively attention-grabbing.

Apparently, all conspiracy theorists should feverishly stick a bunch of stuff on a wall and join them with strings. Some articles on that wall are about China and a New World Order. China is talked about a number of occasions within the collection which is relatively … prophetic.

For those who look carefully on the picture above, you most likely acknowledge some objects coated by this web site such because the Denver Worldwide Airport (learn my article about it right here). There are even photos of the airport’s disturbing murals that seem to have taken a brand new that means in 2020.

Wilson’s father put up an image of this DIA mural which depicts a gas-masked militaristic determine subsequent to a line of weeping moms holding useless infants. This mural considerably foreshadows the occasions of the collection.

Mr. Rabbit aggressively pursues and kills anybody who’s conscious of his nefarious plans. Wilson Wilson is tracked down and tortured to expose details about Utopia by … scooping one in every of his eyes out utilizing a spoon.

After having his eye scooped out, Wilson wears a big selection of eyepatches, making his a strolling, speaking one-eye signal all through the collection.

In the meantime, a pandemic hits america. Those that are sick are pressured to quarantine in government-run amenities, prompting protests.

Folks protesting the necessary quarantine, together with a scientist named Michael Stearns (performed by Rainn Wilson). This virologist was completely manipulated by Mr. Rabbit to grow to be the reliable face of his vaccine. Are real-life scientists being utilized by the elite to place a “scientific” face on nefarious plans?

The signs of the Stearns virus are relatively just like these of COVID-19.

Because the gang of nerds seek for clues, they find yourself assembly an worker of Homeland Safety. She tells them the reality concerning the weird viruses which have been rising up to now years:

“You understand how a lot cash there’s to be made in precision organic warfare? A weapon that may goal individuals in full deniability? Goal individuals by race, ethnicity? Drop a virus on a communion wafer: Goal by faith. Weave a virus into tampons: Goal by gender. That’s what they have been perfecting and that’s value billions and billions to the very best bidder.”

She then provides:

“Mr. Rabbit made a cope with a bunch in China for a very vicious pressure of pig flu (SARS)”.

The truth that the collection locations China on the middle of this conspiracy – earlier than the apparition of COVID-19 in China – is relatively … prophetic.

Within the midst of this scary pandemic, a pharmaceutical firm emerges triumphant with a vaccine that cures the illness: Christie Labs.

The doorway of Christie Labs options its chief welcoming individuals with the phrases “Defending Your Future”.

Spoiler alert: This man is Mr. Rabbit. Different spoiler alert: After they say “Defending Your Future”, they imply depopulation. That’s the final aim of this group. And it’s keen to do any despicable deed to attain its goals, together with exploiting and killing youngsters.


The truth is, Mr. Rabbit runs a full-on MKULTRA operation that makes use of slaves as false flag patsies, lab rats, and even martyrs. Though the phrases “thoughts management” or “MKULTRA” are by no means used through the collection, the extreme symbolism and sadistic ways of Monarch thoughts management are in full show in Utopia.

Mr. Rabbit buys youngsters from poor nations who’re delivered in crates.

A web page within the graphic novel describes how Arby – a cold-hearted killer utilized by Mr. Rabbit – was “skilled” throughout childhood. In MKULTRA terminology, he was subjected to Delta programming.

This picture of Jessica Hyde alludes to abuse by evil rabbits (MK handlers).

The butterflies on that picture of Jessica Hyde are references to Monarch programming.

The twins depicted above have been utilized by Mr. Rabbit to advance his pandemic agenda. Certainly one of them was contaminated with the virus and was given a vaccine that doesn’t work. She was then changed by her sister who was wholesome, main everybody to consider that the vaccine is the miracle remedy everybody was ready for.

As soon as she stopped being helpful, Mr. Rabbit gave the sick lady a poisoned wafer with a QR code to finish her life swiftly (satanic corruption of the Holy Communion). She was comfortable to take the wafer as a result of she was brainwashed into considering that being a martyr was her “objective”.

The affiliation between Utopia and thoughts management is emphasised by the collection’ fixed references to Alice in Wonderland which occurs to be an important programming script in MKULTRA. After all, Mr. Rabbit himself is a reference to the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland who leads Alice by way of the trying glass to Wonderland (which is code for dissociation).

Appropriately sufficient, one of many protagonists within the collection is known as Alice.

Alice almost at all times wears an outfit that’s just like the basic depictions of Alice in Wonderland.

If one is observant sufficient, one can spot white rabbits in all places all through the collection – a creepy reminder that the actions of Mr. Rabbit (a consultant of the occult elite) have an effect on everybody.

White rabbits on the wall in Alice’s home.

In brief, by way of symbolism, the collection alludes to the direct thoughts management of slaves by way of MK programming and the thoughts management of the plenty by way of media manipulation.

And boy do they manipulate. All through the collection, Christie Labs invents pretend tales performed out by faked individuals (MK slaves enjoying roles) to push narratives.

The group makes use of troll farms to flood social media with particular narratives. You higher consider that is taking place in actual life. Each single day.

Within the closing episode, the gang finally ends up face-to-face with Mr. Rabbit who confesses his true plan: Huge depopulation by embedding an omni-virus within the vaccine that makes individuals sterile.

After being kidnapped and delivered to the gang by his personal disgruntled MK slave, Mr. Rabbit exposes his plan.

And so they discovered a Chinese language image on his physique, proving that he was Mr. Rabbit. Extra COVID-19-China prophesy.

Right here’s a few of the dialogue:

“- You created a panic and now everyone’s begging for the vaccine.

– Sure, and we now have precisely what we wish. A whole bunch of tens of millions of People lining up, providing us their arms and letting us give them our creation. (…) We intend to cease human replica for 3 generations. The busy, infinite, world meeting line of infants will grind to a halt.”

Then, Mr. Rabbit engages in an impassioned speech about depopulation.

“100 years in the past, the worldwide inhabitants was 1.7 billion. In 2011, it reached 7 billion. Folks stay too lengthy, die much less usually, f*ck an excessive amount of and sh*t out infants.

International warming, mass exctinctions, meals and water shortages: All these issues will be boiled down to 1 factor: Overpopulation.

At 1.7 billion, we will be as decadent, self-indulgent and sh*tty as we wish. At ten billion, we’ve got to stay strategically. We’ve to stay modestly. We’ve to stay selflessly. And, as , we’re not that good at it.”

Christie goes on for a number of minutes about depopulation and he appears to be convincing Wilson Wilson, the strolling one-eye signal.

Christie’s speech seems to be consistent with the notorious Georgia Guidestones (learn my article about it right here). Its two first commandments are:

1. Preserve humanity below 500,000,000 in perpetual stability with nature.
2. Information replica properly – enhancing health and variety.

All through the collection, Mr. Rabbit asks everybody round him an enigmatic query:

“What did you do in the present day to earn your home on this crowded world?”

Whereas, at first, this query seems to be about doing one thing worthwhile in a single’s life, we finally perceive that there’s a complete philosophy behind this query: Mr. Rabbit believes that individuals ought to EARN their place on the planet by fulfilling their “objective”. His MK slaves are programmed to stay just for this objective. Those that don’t have any objective are expendable. And he needs this imaginative and prescient to be utilized to society as an entire.

Nevertheless, the gang stopped all the pieces brief. They infiltrated Christie Labs and destroyed their total inventory of vaccines that was able to ship throughout America.

Vaccine destroyed. That’s the reason critics didn’t approve of the collection.

However it’s not over. Mr. Rabbit escaped and seems to have transformed Wilson (gotta hold some suspense for the second season). Nevertheless, from my expertise, one of these collection says what it has to say within the first season. The next seasons are primarily about filling hours of programming.

Filmed earlier than COVID-19, Utopia eerily prophesized a pandemic and the push for a vaccine – occasions that may occur in actual life solely months after its filming. What’s much more mind-boggling is that the collection is a couple of graphic novel that predicted a pandemic … the identical manner the collection predicted a pandemic.

So one may ask: Is Utopia an act of insurrection towards the elite? Probably not. Though it seems to be warning viewers concerning the nefarious plans of the elite, Utopia additionally absolutely indulges in it. For example, all through the collection, individuals hold getting killed in every kind of grotesque methods, and these deaths are handled with a chilly indifference that conveys the message that human life has no worth. Additionally, there are insufferable scenes of torture. Different scenes depict useless youngsters. One youngster even will get shot within the head. Within the final episode, Christie’s plan to halt human replica for 3 generations is introduced in a convincing manner, with little rebuttal concerning the madness of dwelling in a childless society.

In brief, this collection is a mirrored image of the entire madness of our period. The elite believes that it should expose its nefarious plans to the general public earlier than they occur so as to keep away from the wrath of karmic legal guidelines. And possibly Utopia is a part of such effort. In different phrases, the rabbit gap goes deep.

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