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It is Messages Concerning the New World Order and the 5-% Nation


If you recognize one thing about rap music, you definitely find out about Busta Rhymes.

Usually characterised as “iconic” and “legendary”, Busta Rhymes has been rapping for over 30 years, releasing over 10 albums and 56 music movies.

The Brooklyn rapper rose to prominence throughout the early 90s, proper as New York rap was coming into its golden age. Whereas most NY rappers of that period have been all about grimey beats, rhymes, clothes, and music movies, Busta Rhymes got here by way of like a colourful twister of hyperactivity. His flashy and exuberant type introduced new power to East Coast rap whereas redefining the esthetics of music movies for years to come back.

Busta Rhymes within the 1996 video Woo-Hah!! Bought You All in Test.

Whereas Busta’s movies have been about common enjoyable and craziness, his albums principally revolved round a sinister theme: The Apocalypse. Certainly, his three first albums have been named  The Coming (1996), When Catastrophe Strikes (1997), and E.L.E. (Extinction Stage Occasion): The Last World Entrance (1998). All of those albums predicted the approaching of a significant catastrophe within the close to future. 

Quick-forward to 2020. The final context is lots bleaker than it was within the 90s. Additionally, Busta Rhymes is 48 years previous and lots heavier. Understandably sufficient, he most likely doesn’t actually really feel like bouncing round in movies whereas sporting humorous hats. As a substitute, he determined that the time was proper to launch Extinction Stage Occasion 2: The Wrath of God – an album full of intense messages and symbolism.

The quilt of ELE 2: The Wrath of God incorporates a cranium sporting a facemask with an ELE image on its brow.

Judging by this creepy cowl alone, one can already really feel that ELE2 carries a unique vibe than Busta’s earlier works. Within the 90s, his apocalyptic theme was primarily perceived as a artistic idea that gave his albums an attention-grabbing vibe and depth. Nonetheless, in his 2020 album ELE2, Busta will not be actually joking round anymore. One will get the sensation that he truly believes that the world (as we all know it) is ending.

In an interview with NME, Busta explains the that means of his album cowl and its relation with the present COVID disaster.

Whats up Busta! Your new album’s art work reveals a cranium in a face-mask. How are you dealing with this COVID-19 interval?

This is among the most unlucky instances within the historical past of the existence of this planet. It appears like our intelligence is being insulted considerably and there’s no accountability for the struggling we now have to come across because of this. There appears like there’s a blatant inconsistency in reality for us to have the ability to shield our well-being in the proper means. Individuals need to go to work and never be subjected to doing something unlawful to care for themselves their household, and folks have labored exhausting to construct companies which are being taken away from them, and might’t see relations.

Who’s ‘they’? What would anybody precisely have to achieve from this?

There’s clearly one thing mistaken and another agenda occurring – lots of it’s political. It feels super-imbalanced and unfair. We’re getting caught up within the overwhelming abundances of propaganda that’s retaining us distracted from realising that there’s some reality we have to begin working in direction of and attending to the underside of.

Let’s comply with disagree. 1998’s ‘E.L.E. (Extinction Stage Occasion): The Last World Entrance’ was loaded with apocalyptic imagery, so 2020 feels an acceptable time to launch the follow-up…

With my work, I attempt to level out {that a} day was coming that’s going to completely finish the world we’ve grown to know and love. I by no means knew we might reside to see this time (Laughs). I named my albums ‘The Coming’, ‘When Catastrophe Strikes…’, ‘E.L.E. (Extinction Stage Occasion): The Last World Entrance’, ‘ Anarchy’, ‘It Ain’t Protected No Extra…’, and ‘The Massive Bang’. I hoped none of those occasions did occur, however felt it was my responsibility to start out these conversations about how will we put together for it if it does. So I might all the time have these narratives connected to the themes of my albums. That’s why ‘The whole lot Stays Uncooked’, the B-side to my 1996 single  ‘Woo Hah!! Bought You All In Test’, I stated ‘There’s solely 5 years left’. 5 years later, the World Commerce Centre falls. Then in 1998, my first ‘E.L.E. (Extinction Stage Occasion)’ album, the art work is the World Commerce Centre gone and New York in flames. Three years later, it truly occurs.

I wasn’t prophesising something; I simply needed to share the sh*t that was truly on the market that individuals are advised they’re conspiracy theorists in the event that they learn it. You already know, the ‘conspiracy theorist’ time period is to discredit no matter reality you could be getting near. Now there’s no altering my thoughts. It’s not coincidence. Any person deliberate this sh*t, however I don’t know who.

– NME, Busta Rhymes on ‘Extinction Stage Occasion 2: The Wrath of God’: “It’s my responsibility to start out conversations”

This interview revealed a few issues. First, the interviewer is type of a douche. Second, Busta Rhymes clearly believes that there are shady forces at work on this planet they usually’re concerned with the COVID disaster. Lastly, the rapper is trying to share some essential messages by way of his album E.L.E 2.

Right here’s a have a look at a few of its messages.

As quickly because the listener presses “play”, issues get very actual, very quick. A narrator greets listeners with this prophetic monologue:

Genesis, chapter eleven, verses one by way of 9
Hundreds of years earlier than Christ
Tyrant Nimrod, Gilgamesh of Shinar, enslaved the primary empire
One world language, one world faith, one world order
We have now discovered nothing (One)
Making the keys to heaven a present to the satan
Those that need to supplant God
Illuminati who tempt and horrify us as essentially the most excellent angel Lucifer
Search to rebirth a brand new world order upon the flesh, blood, and bones of all humanity
Once more, towers rose skyward to problem his divine glory
To overcome his serene area
As in historic Babylon, the one true Lord introduced them down
In 2001, three turned naught, conspiracy is actuality
Worry is the weapon of thine enemy
Acts of terror a lie, advised to persuade the meek to give up to their rulers
Atmospheric variances soften the polar ice caps and drown the rats who stroll on two legs
An incurable virus to decimate the darkish, nuclear rain to set us aflame
Obscured by a curtain of venom from area within the title of science
Fall to your knees, pray to a final choking breath
A brand new world order is right here, conceitedness over God means annihilation

Daddy, what’s it gonna be like within the 12 months 2021?
Solely He can save us
That is the second coming
Extinction Stage Occasion 2

The intro talks in regards to the Biblical determine Nimrod who is alleged to have unified the world by way of one language and one faith whereas constructing the Tower of Babel to defy God. The narrator then says “We have now discovered nothing”. Immediately’s elite is constructing a New World Order that’s perceived as a brand new model of the Tower of Babel – one that may inevitably entice the wrath of God, once more.

The intro additionally comprises a reference to 9/11. By stating that “conspiracy is actuality” and “concern is the weapon of thine enemy”, the narrator conveys the sense that the destruction of the dual towers in 2001 launched an period of false flag assaults meant to terrorize the inhabitants into submission.

The intro additionally refers to COVID-19 with the awful phrases saying “An incurable virus to decimate the darkish, nuclear rain to set us aflame”.

Throughout this chaotic 7-minute intro, the veteran rapper Rakim additionally drops a verse of “biblical” proportions. Right here’s the primary a part of it.

I attempted to warn ’em with The Seventh Seal
The world is wounded, it might by no means heal
Even Mom Nature’s gettin’ sick, it’s gettin’ actual
When thousands and thousands get killed when that lethal climate spill
Till Sodom and Gomorrah’s on America’s turf
The horror, it’ll endlessly worsen
But and nonetheless, it’s like a present at start then you definately inherit a curse
However the meek should inherit the Earth, it’s Heaven’s will
Meek that means powerless within the type of politics
Giving energy on the daybreak of the apocalypse
And conflict is stronger than peace
It’s poverty ’til the bulk is scarred with the mark of the beast

In brief, there’s lots occurring on this intro. It ties in lots of the problems we hear about in 2020 as indicators that the world is ending.

On a deeper degree, the intro (and the album typically) is permeated with ideas and symbolism regarding the 5-% Nation. Contemplating the truth that each Busta Rhymes and Rakim are outstanding 5-Percenters, the message of this intro can solely be absolutely understood by way of the lens of 5-% philosophy (extra on this later).

The remainder of ELE 2 tackles a number of points (riots, police brutality, and many others.) whereas additionally containing a hearty dose of lighter tracks. Nonetheless, the final tune of the album will not be “gentle” in any respect.

The ultimate tune of the album – dramatically titled Satanic – addresses the overtly satanic imagery that has taken over rap within the final years. Busta warns artists that, by bowing right down to Devil of their music, they’re “enjoying with a match that may develop into an inferno”. Right here’s your entire verse.

Look, I needed to compile this sh*t in a tune
It’s so intriguing, all this f*ckin’ satanic sh*t goin’ on
Playin’ with symbols and indicators, satan worshippin’
Individuals speak like thеy prayin’ to Lucifer, however what occurred to “Jеsus Walks”?
Yeah, we now have demented ideas, then you definately conversate along with your savior
Askin’ for forgiveness whereas displayin’ blasphemous conduct
At first, we seen it delicate, now n*ggas show it main
And goin’ out they means like they doin’ Devil a favor
And gamble with they life like rattlin’ cube in a shaker
One other life forsaken, turnin’ your again in your maker
I’m solely tryna cater to the info and sh*t
I’m seein’ lots of questionable sh*t, just like the f*ck these n*ggas imagine in?
However now, we don’t determine the identical, your music is lifeless
And your visuals lookin’ like rituals and sacrifices
Makin’ offers with the Satan in alternate to be the nicest
You lifeless like your flesh was eaten by maggots and lices
We’ve all witnessed the change, now no person wanna be righteous
The times we reside is darkish and unquestionably a disaster
The Satan tried to plant the concern from once we was in diapers
And a few grew up possessed, staring within the Eye of Osiris
Now I do know you see this sh*t whilst you sit and surprise what occurred
It’s unusual how n—-s brandish satan worship like a style
The indicators of the instances, clouds from the heavens open
The place birds fall from the sky and fish die within the ocean
Now who you suppose you foolin’? We seein’ the best way you’re movin’
I hope you’re taking the time to start out thinkin’ ’bout what you’re doin’
You’re playin’ with a match that may develop into an inferno
Undescribable, the burn when the fireplace’s feelin’ everlasting
I hope you doc this and write it down in your journal
And skim it again to your self whereas overcomin’ your hurdles
Now belief me and watch out of who you let in your circle
‘Trigger the Satan f*cks a life and can breed the p*ssy that’s fertile
I do know it’s gettin’ chilly and also you’re fightin’ the conflict inner
Physique decayin’, turnin’ all gray and blue, even purple
You painting a lotta s–t with no rehearsal
However in life, we don’t rehearse, what you do can come again and harm you
And till then, watch how the Satan will work by way of
Take a look at what you’ve turn into and what the Satan gave start to
And when it hits the fan, you’ll be wonderin’ the place your people went
Your n*ggas’ll disappear when the science will get kinda potent
I’m simply buildin’, I ain’t imply to offer an earful
Simply carryin’ out my responsibility, everyone simply watch out (Watch out)

On this intense verse, Busta talks about artists’ visuals “wanting like rituals and sacrifices”. That is simply verifiable. For the previous 11 years, The Vigilant Citizen has been documenting the occult and satanic imagery present in rap movies with a great deal of screenshots and references. Busta says that they was once delicate, however now they “show it main”. That’s 100% true.

Mockingly sufficient, regardless of the messages present in ELE2, Busta Rhymes himself ended up being accused of being satanic.

On October seventh, Busta launched a promotional video titled THE PROPHECY WILL BE FULFILLED. Directed by trade veteran Sam Lecca, the video takes place in a church the place one thing unholy is occurring.

A Catholic priest provides a sermon that quotes numerous components of the Bible together with Psalm 37: “The depraved plot in opposition to the righteous
and gnash their tooth at them.”

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Then, the priest marks the foreheads of youngsters with the ELE2 emblem. The Mark of the Beast?

The priest then reveals his true demonic face.

The youngsters run together with glowing eyes. Are they possessed?

Practically all the feedback on YouTube accuse that video of being satanic. That is the highest remark proper now.

So, what’s precisely the message of this video? In his tune Satanic, Busta talks about ritualistic movies and even wonders what occurred to Christian-themed songs comparable to Kanye West’s Jesus Walks. However then, he releases this promo video the place a Catholic mass is portrayed as a demonic ceremony.

Some solutions might be discovered by higher understanding the heavy affect of the 5-% Nation on Busta Rhymes’ works.

The image of the 5-% Nation containing the solar, the moon, a star, and the quantity 7 (which represents God).

The 5 % Nation – also referred to as Nation of Gods and Earths (NGE) – was based in 1964 by Clarence 13X, a minister of the Nation of Islam (NOI) who was working underneath the tutelage of Malcolm X. After years inside the group, Clarence 13X created an offshoot to the NOI as a result of he rejected the instructing that Wallace Fard Muhammad (the mysterious founding father of the NOI) was God incarnate. As a substitute, Clarence 13X taught his college students that the black man (individually and collectively) is God. Conversely, white individuals are “devils” and their know-how is definitely “tricknology” that won’t stand the take a look at of time.

Members of the group name themselves Allah’s 5-Percenters as a result of they imagine that solely ten p.c of the folks on this planet know the reality of existence. These elites and their brokers preserve eighty-five p.c of the world in ignorance and underneath management. The remaining 5 p.c are those that know the reality and are given the mission to enlighten the eighty-five p.c. They’re often known as the “poor righteous lecturers”.

Whereas the NGE is alleged to be near Islam, its teachings are literally a lot nearer to esoteric faculties comparable to Freemasonry. Certainly, 5-Percenters are taught that there isn’t a “thriller God” and that the “Unique Man” can turn into a god by way of “information of self”. This idea is just like the airtight axiom “Know Thyself” taught in Thriller Colleges comparable to Freemasonry. By affirming that divinity might be obtained on Earth by way of information, disciple, and enlightenment, the NGE is philosophically nearer to Gnosticism somewhat than conventional religions. In different phrases, the NGE doesn’t imagine in a god however as a substitute teaches a type of apotheosis the place the Asiatic black man is God and his correct title is “Allah”, the Arabic phrase for “God”.

The NGE additionally teaches its followers arcane programs known as Supreme Arithmetic and Supreme Alphabet as keys to understanding how man pertains to the universe. This idea is just like programs of numerology present in Freemasonry. As an illustration, in Supreme Arithmetic, the quantity 7 and the letter G (the seventh letter of the alphabet) are related to God.

Whereas Freemasonry is a inflexible secret society that recruits the native elites inside its ranks, the NGE is a community-based group that draws disenfranchised males and inmates in city areas.

In all probability because of this, an extended checklist of rappers joined the ranks of the NGE, particularly within the 1990s. Artists comparable to Rakim, Busta Rhymes, Jay Electronica, your entire Wu-Tang Clan, Erykah Badu, Jay-Z, Nas, and lots of others built-in NGE ideas and symbolism into their lyrics whereas closely influencing hip-hop slang typically. Expressions comparable to “phrase is bond”, “peace”, “cipher”, “dropping science”, “dropping information”, and calling one another “god” all originate from the NGE.

Rakim, Jay-Z, and RZA sporting the image of the NGE.

Busta Rhymes is among the most outstanding representatives of the NGE in hip-hop. And his newest album ELE2 is closely infused with its philosophy.

Busta stands subsequent to an image of Clarence 13X in his latest video Grasp Fard Muhammad.

Busta’s verse on the ELE2 intro is pure NGE. It begins like this:

Nicely, it’s the God (Sure), no illusions
Blessings whereas I greet y’all within the absence of confusion
With science to spark the thoughts with ideas of higher residing
It will get deeper than secrets and techniques in Masonic symbolism
And I perceive if yow will discover it extraordinarily exhausting to calculate it
As dude who discuss with himself as God, let me exhibit it

Via this verse, one understands the album’s subtitle The Wrath of God is definitely a reference to Busta himself. Extra NGE references are discovered later within the verse:

However I’m hooked on exposing the reality, it’s a behavior
Since a youngin’ utilizing a pencil to put in writing the arithmetic
Incorporating the science whereas I provide the classics
Whereas some’ll discover it unusual and resort to measures that’s drastic
I articulate with readability, reassure if you hear this
Some establish me as cuckoo or conspiracy theorist

With all of that being stated, we are able to now higher perceive the reasoning behind the promotional video that includes an evil priest. Right here’s an excerpt from an NGE FAQ that explains how the Nation perceives organized faith typically.

“Clarence 13 X taught that eighty-five p.c of the inhabitants is made up of ignorant, unlearned and uncivilized individuals who must be led (principally churchgoers). This eighty-five p.c are believed to have “no information of self”. Ten p.c of the inhabitants have SOME information of self (i.e. the actual reality), nonetheless they use this data to wield management over the eighty-five p.c as a substitute of “liberating” them (most baptist preachers together with Rev. Jesse Jackson are believed to be on this class). Lastly, he thought-about the 5 p.c to be those that do possess knoweldge of themselves, their origins and the best way the world system actually is — and additionnally, the best way wherein the brand new world order will come about. Their job/mission is to teach the eighty-five p.c to what this hidden or veiled information actually is.”
– Nation of Gods and Earths FAQ

This FAQ explains why the Catholic priest was portrayed as an evil determine. In response to 5-Percenters, preachers in conventional religions truly assist the elite preserve the 85% in ignorance.

Analyzing the works of veteran artists comparable to Busta Rhymes is a unique job than analyzing common pop stars. These artists often have full artistic management of their works and their messages are sometimes an amalgamation of the varied influences of their lives. Busta Rhymes’ ELE2 comprises a wealth of messages in regards to the pandemic, the New World Order, and satanism within the music trade. Nonetheless, to totally perceive the album’s that means, one should first perceive the NGE philosophy that permeates it.

As exemplified by the YouTube feedback on Busta’s promo video, NGE philosophy is somewhat divisive and controversial. Its teachings in regards to the nature of God, the function of faith, and the origins of white individuals are sure to be obtained with anger and skepticism by many, together with spiritual black folks. Moreover, some would possibly argue that each one of this divisiveness solely serves the elite’s favourite tactic: Divide and conquer. Then again, those that have been round throughout the NGE’s 90s heyday say that the group truly had a optimistic affect on black males by making a neighborhood centered on truth-seeking and common righteousness which helped them flip away from gangs, medication, and crime.

In brief, I’ll depart the duty of judging the NGE and every part round it to God. And I’m not God. In the meantime, we must always most likely all set our variations apart and concentrate on a standard foe: A satanic elite that’s making a dystopian new world order proper earlier than our eyes.

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