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Lock Up the Zapruder Movie, and Oswald Killed Kennedy — MadCow


How is Russiagate just like the JFK Assassination?

It’s the tip of November, and we haven’t seen the unredacted Mueller Report.  



Till we lastly noticed the Zapruder movie greater than six years after the JFK Assassination, most People believed Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone nut gunman. 

Afterwards, most modified their minds.

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Lesson Realized: Lock up the Zapruder movie, and Oswald killed Kennedy.





Right now, whereas we’ve got but to see something besides a heavily-redacted copy of the Mueller Report, there are voices insisting “the US media continues to be fixated on Russiagate.”

Me, I discover these voices suspicious. You? 

Are you the form of dead-ender skeptic who believes our Lawyer Common has been persistently mendacity by means of his enamel?


And that such a clearly-dishonest man ought to by no means be allowed sole authority about what will get revealed, and what doesn’t, in a matter of nice significance, each up to date and historic?  

Properly, o’er-master these emotions how’e’er chances are you’ll!

Or be warned:  You may be labeled some new kind of 9/11 truther (yuck) by the Russiagate debunkers from the newly-bought-off Left.  

You already know, the Matt Taibi’s and Glenn Greenwald’s of the world.


190404-barr-tease_aimzokQUESTION: Have you learnt a hawk from a hand-saw? Can you see an enormous cover-up once you see one? 

They are saying the reality will out.  Will it?


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