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OMG..NYT Confirms my diary on possible Pennsylvania electoral vote

THEFT by Legislature.


I’ve never, ever said “I told you so.”  But I’ve never had a NYT op-Ed confirm my thoughts. I wrote a diary post October 26, about how a delay in counting votes could give cover to an unscrupulous legislature and unscrupulous Supreme Court to steal the electoral votes from the verdict of popular votes……

OMG, before I could publish the NYT printed another piece By Jim Rutenberg and Nick Corasaniti parallel my thoughts.…

Then we had the Supreme Court rule in a Wisconsin case about vote counting. Kavanaugh wrote an opinion that l fear has a threatening foreshadowing….he writes to avoid the “ chaos and suspicions of impropriety that can ensue if thousands of absentee ballots flow in after election day and potentially flip the results of an election…” that ballots must be RECEIVED on Election Day. Postal delays be damned. Now understand what I’m saying. We are looking at a vote turnout beyond anything we’ve seen. Because of lack of planning, machines and manpower it will take TIME TO COUNT. So the Trump method will CONFUSE THE ISSUE of COUNTING VOTES VERSUS THEIR DATE OF ARRIVAL. The longer it takes to count valid RECIEVED votes the more Republicans unjustifiably CRY FRAUD. And then they ask the LEGISLATURE TO STEP IN, AND GIVE CERTAINTY OF THE VOTE. And then the U.S. Supreme Court affirms their interpretation of the Constitution.

Kavanaugh is weirdly  eerie in his echo of Trump’s statements. Having a sitting Supreme Court Justice echoing the campaign lies of Trump is unsettling. See…

For the past year, Trump has questioned the validity of mail-in ballots and bemoaned the days or even weeks it could take to count all absentee ballots. Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, two critical battleground states, don’t allow the processing of mail-in ballots to begin until Election Day, and Michigan provides only 10 hours of work in advance, meaning it could take days to have those states’ full vote tallies.

“Big problems and discrepancies with Mail In Ballots all over the USA. Must have final total on November 3rd,” Trump said Monday on Twitter.

So the fear is a delay in counting all ballots will lead Republicans to scream FRAUD, even though it just takes time to count ALL THE VOTES. Trump will use the chaos of a slow count to usurp the popular vote. Remember it’s electors of the electoral college who count. Not us. Readers need to remember that it doesn’t matter what state law says, or the popular vote.  The LEGISLATURE, controlled by Republicans, can choose the ELECTORS, NOT THE POPULAR VOTES. And it may not matter what the Democratic Governor wants. All that matters is how the six immoral, right wing fascists on the Supreme Court INTERPRET the Constitution.  And there is plenty in the Constitutional wording to ALLOW THE LEGISLATURE TO DECIDE, NOT THE POPULAR VOTE.
I’m not a nut, the NYT  AGREES! now published by the NEW YORK TIMES. See the opinion piece by Gus Wezereck…… HE DETAILS EXACTLY MY FEAR OF HOW REPUBLICANS IN PENNSYLVANIA COULD SCREW US.

now if you’ve gotten this far, I will say this technique will only work if the vote is close. So GOTV and let’s drown these fascists with ballots. And send some money to Doug Jones of Alabama and Warnock of Georgia. Warnock has a bizarre chance to avoid a run off and win it all on Election Day since there are two nutjob Republicans attacking each other in this “jungle” primary, splitting the Republican vote.




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