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Paris Installs a Curfew on Outside Sports activities


Like many cities, Paris has misplaced a bit of little bit of its magic through the coronavirus lockdown, with cafes, theaters and outlets closed.

And now you possibly can’t even run there, at the very least for a lot of the day. All outside sports activities, together with working, have been banned from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Officers hope that by pushing individuals to train within the much less busy hours they may lower down on social interplay.

Mayor Anne Hidalgo advised Franceinfo that she didn’t wish to ban jogging, solely restrict it to “occasions when there will likely be fewer individuals on the road.” She continued, “Throughout the day, you might have individuals who do their procuring — and that’s regular, as a result of you need to eat — and you’ve got individuals who go to work.”

Even biking has been halted in France, however professionals are asking for a waiver, saying that their livelihoods are at stake.

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Players are keeping a distance from one another, and no one touches the flags or rakes.

In Europe, some darts players have found an innovative way to compete at home. In the Icons of Darts Live League, players, including the former world champion Raymond van Barneveld, throw at boards in their houses and film it with a webcam.

That event is available to watch, streamed on gambling sites. Which brings us to the reason that many of these sports are still pushing on: a hunger for betting action.

Besides darts and outlaw golf, the betting site Ladbrokes on Tuesday was happy to take money on table tennis from Russia, Ukraine and Czech Republic (stay on your side of the table, please), and something called the Kung volleyball 3×3 amateur men’s event, where Malaysia and Indonesia seemed to be the favorites.

And soccer from Tajikistan. Hold up, the Tajikistan soccer league is in action? This could be interesting. No, never mind. Ladbrokes is actually taking action on the Tajikistan under 21 league. It’s come to this.

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