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Ron Johnson talks about cash and the moon throughout COVID aid debate


GOP Sen. Ron Johnson took to the Senate ground to let People know that $1.9 trillion is, bodily, some huge cash.

  • “I feel we have grown immune to those huge quantities of cash,” stated Johnson, who voted for the GOP’s $1.5 trillion tax minimize in 2017.
  • He additionally displayed a graphic displaying how giant a stack of a trillion one-dollar payments could be.
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Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin took to the Senate ground Wednesday to tear Democrats over their $1.9 trillion COVID-19 aid invoice, generally known as the American Rescue Plan. (Here is what’s in that $1.9 trillion aid invoice and what pandemic assistance will expire if it’s not handed.)

Johnson’s overarching message: $1.9 trillion is, bodily, some huge cash.

“I feel we have grown immune to those huge quantities of cash,” he stated Wednesday. “I at all times knew we had been going to be in huge bother, after we stopped speaking about tons of of billions of {dollars} and switched to speaking about trillions of {dollars}. And so we speak about one trillion or two trillion, it simply would not sound as a lot as a pair hundred billion, or 800 billion, which was the stimulus bundle below the Obama administration.”

The senator then put up a graphic displaying how lengthy it will take to build up $1.9 trillion at $1 per second.

Sen. Ron Johnson discusses the COVID aid invoice on the Senate ground.

Per the graphic, it will take greater than 60,000 years to build up $1.9 trillion at that charge. A very long time, as Johnson famous. And to indicate precisely how lengthy, for anybody who was nonetheless unable to know the idea, the GOP senator identified that “the human race started to develop language about 50,000 years in the past.”

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Then he launched a second graphic displaying how huge a stack of a trillion one-dollar payments could be. It is unclear why he selected this determine or what it signifies.

In response to the graphic, a stack of 1 trillion greenback payments could be 67,866 miles excessive. That is a protracted distance.

“That’s what we’re debating spending,” Johnson stated. “A stack of greenback payments that extends greater than midway the space to the moon.”

Sen. Ron Johnson speaks on the Senate ground.


Johnson then dove extra into the connection between cash and the moon.

“That is at a cut-off date after we’re about $28 trillion in debt,” he stated. “That singles stack could be over 1.9 million miles. Or if we put it relative to the moon, that will be eight stacks; seven stacks to go on to the moon and one additional stack that is 95 p.c of the best way there.”

“These are astonishing sums that we’re speaking about, and the bulk get together right here desires to jam this via via a reconciliation course of,” Johnson added. “No session with our aspect. Simply blow it via right here, 20 hours of debate, a vote-a-rama, cross $1.9 trillion in spending, and go residence.”

  • Truth verify: Listed below are some big-ticket objects Johnson didn’t voice opposition to or actively supported:

“In some unspecified time in the future in time, there shall be a day of reckoning, the debt disaster, and it will not be fairly,” Johnson stated Wednesday. “My suggestion, a minimum of as we contemplate this: is allow us to even have a debate. Let’s have a dialogue. Let’s contemplate the amendments. Let’s not do that in 20, 24, 30 hours. Let’s take the time to noticeably contemplate what we’re doing to our youngsters in considering spending a stack of greenback payments over 135,000 miles excessive, extending greater than midway to the moon.”






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