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The CIA’s Secret Paperwork about Soviet Black Magic Assassins


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Twitter put the highlight on 1970s psi analysis a few weeks in the past once they featured a thread from researcher and journalist Emma Best concerning the CIA’s ideas on Soviet analysis into black magic, and ‘psychotronic’ machines.

Finest, whose analysis into secretive organisations through the Freedom of Info Act (FOIA) “is so intensive that the FBI considers me among the many “vexsome” FOIA customers and seems to have thought of investigating me over it”), featured just a few snippets from CIA paperwork lately launched to them that mentioned the subject of Soviet parapsychological/occult analysis.

One snippet from a 1977 CIA report “Soviet and East European Parapsychology” (which I believe was really first launched a decade in the past) described Soviet experiments into ‘black magic’:

About 1969 the Soviets reportedly established an official group of their covert program dedicated to amassing info on black magic. This group, headed by D.G. Mirza, was given its personal secret laboratory in Moscow and was assigned the duties of figuring out, finding and evaluating the capabilities of sorcerers, witches, and the incantations utilized by such people. It’s unlikely that this avenue of investigation has produced any utilized paranormal methods, however the information collected might have benefited different areas of analysis and will have improved their methods for coaching topics to accumulate or to enhance paranormal skills. Thus, the analysis should still be included within the Soviet program.

Whereas informal Twitter readers have been shocked to see each the subject of Soviet ‘black magic’ analysis, and the CIA report casually mentioning ‘paranormal skills’, many Grailers are little question effectively conscious that through the 1970s specifically there was considerably of a psychic ‘arms race’ between the 2 superpowers.

Jim Schnabel’s 1997 e-book Distant Viewers: The Secret Historical past of America’s Psychic Spies maybe supplies just a little perception into the kind of issues the CIA report is referring to:

Based on émigrés and intelligence stories, the KGB and GRU (navy intelligence) had scoured the paranormal japanese vastnesses of the Soviet Union with a view to discover the hardest Siberian shamans, the best-trained Tibetan monks, probably the most highly effective Mongolian chi gong masters. At Particular Division No. eight in Siberia, in response to August Stern, shamans tried to make use of their PK powers to make individuals fall off streetcars, or to kill small animals. An émigré parapsychologist named Larissa Vilenskaya claimed that at I.M. Kogan’s lab she was as soon as proven a movie of a PK grasp listening to a overseas politician on the radio, and attempting to ship detrimental psi particles his method.

At IPPI [the ‘Institute for Problems of Information Transmission’] at some point, it was stated, a bunch of Tibetans succeeded in breaking a human cranium just a few yards away, simply by concentrating on it. Additionally at IPPI, and at a laboratory in Kazakhstan, shamans took madryushka dolls, hand-carved wood spoons, memento fashions of Sputnik – the standard beriozka retailer trinkets – and zapped them with evil psi energies. The presents now supposedly emitted debilitating rays, virtually as if that they had been impregnated with some sort of radioactive materials; they got to hapless overseas guests, who would thereafter, it was believed, undergo neuralgia, despair, even nervous breakdowns. It was black magic, pure and easy, cloaked within the grey vernacular of psi particles and psi radiation and transmission and reception.

Schnabel goes on to checklist apocryphal tales about shamans with the ability to cease the hearts of small animals and generally people – which gave rise to the American analysis that may be mocked in The Males Who Stare at Goats.

However Schnabel’s point out of ‘psi particles’ and ‘psi radiation’ is linked to another of the Soviet psi research snippets posted by Best, which mentions that “a major quantity of examine was dedicated to the event of psychotronic turbines used to duplicate psychic results”. As Schnabel notes in Distant Viewers:

By the mid-1970s the CIA and DIA had begun to obtain numerous stories of ‘psychotronic turbines’ being designed and constructed alongside these strains. There was one machine that supposedly may trigger strokes or coronary heart assaults. One other gave individuals a sensation of tension, or of a disorienting blow to the top. One other made them aggressive, or drove them mad. Some stories credited a Russian scientist named Viktor Inyushin with the event of this expertise. Others cited a Czech engineer named Robert Pavlita. An émigré named Nikolai Khokhlov, apparently a former KGB officer, claimed that his erstwhile employers had ‘examined’ such turbines towards sure chosen communities in North America.

Schnabel does word, nevertheless, that many within the U.S. intelligence neighborhood “merely regarded these tales as proof that the Russian psi program was spiraling off into madness”, and that they thought the best menace to America may be that in some unspecified time in the future the Soviets may cease losing cash on their psi applications.

You’ll be able to help Emma Finest’s FOIA investigations, and ensuing articles (comparable to this one on the NSA’s concern of ‘psychic nukes’), through their Patreon web page.

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